NEW Superheroes!

The AF Team has arrived (almost!) to fight the near-invisible and ancient enemies, The InTolerables. These characters will make their first public appearances in the coming months.

You are welcome to download (right click and copy image) the images on this page for personal use such as a T-shirt or sticker.


The AF Team do battle with the InTolerables on a planet close by, called Yu. The AF Team were brought into existence by the beliefs of the inhabitants of Yu to fight The InTolerables. The AF Team gain energy from these beliefs, but the team depend on each other for survival and they need to be known and believed in to keep on existing. If they are not believed they will fade away.

Please meet the first of the The InTolerables Super Villains – presenting InFLAMia! Many of you will be familiar with her.

Who activated InFLAMia?

About InFLAMia: She’s mostly invisible and she’s super-fast, arriving on the scene as soon as InJURi (another supervillain) has struck. She throws flaming balls [inflammatory cytokines], creating pain, activating FibroSIS and setting fire to all around her. She’s powerful and difficult to stop.

Fight FibroSIS

FibroSIS is the central supervillain in the arthrofibrosis story, and must be vanquished before the nightmare ends and normal life can return [FibroSIS looks and acts like a myofibroblast]. FibroSIS turns the inhabitants [cells] that it bites into zombie copies of itself.

The sticky collagen webs that it spins gradually immobilises all around it and it forms a web for protection. The web is strengthened with cross-links over time, and once this is accomplished FibroSIS is almost invulnerable. It can ambush inhabitants from the web, attaching to them using its grappling hooks. The victim is wrapped in the fibro-web and pulled back to the lair [contraction].

FibroSIS is fed by InFLAMia, and it can’t be defeated until InFLAMia is banished. When FibroSIS is activated too often by InJURi or for too long by InFLAMia it becomes immortal.

FibroSIS bumper sticker

InJURi: One of the original demons, InJURi has existed since the dawn of time. At his worst he is one of the most powerful of the demon gods, and the damage wrought by InJURi opens the way for InFLAMia and FibroSIS. He can sometimes be turned aside if he is seen early enough, but once he is upon you he is unstoppable.

In ancient times InJURi was highly visible and boldly in sight during hunts, wars and encounters with predators. However, InJURi has found modern times more difficult and people no longer fear and respect him. Now he largely stays hidden and frequently masquerades as a benevolent god (of Sport, Surgery or Skiing) in order to express his malevolence. But InJURi still launches occasional full-frontal attacks as vehicle, industrial and other accidents.