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The benefits of fasting

The science behind the health benefits of fasting is very sound. It’s known that fasting increases healthy lifespan and is beneficial to all to the body’s organs and systems, and will reduce inflammation – something that is crucial for treating fibrosis, and which may not be achievable with medications. This compelling video by a cardiologist may be the most important video you watch.

Hase Pendulum Pedal Arm – helpful for those who don’t have pain during or after exercise. Mike has found this bike pedal very helpful and says “With the Pendulum Pedal, I get full extension at the bottom of the stroke whereas the top of the stroke allows my foot to just reach the centre axis of the pedal, and does not strain my knee beyond its current limit. The pedal has three settings that I believe will allow me to increase my movement as I reset the pedal in time. It has two adjustment points – one on the pedal arm that allows the pendulum pedal to be clamped at any point on the arm – one of three holes where the pedal can be screwed into the arm to suit the user”. Thanks Mike!

Cold pack or Hot pack?

Lifestyle medicine: and

Pomegranate Health Benefits


We sometimes hear that people with arthrofibrosis are dismissed, or their symptoms are questioned or belittled by medical professionals.

Arthrofibrosis is largely an invisible disease, so it’s understandable that somebody with little knowledge about it may wonder if its real. However, there is no excuse for gaslighting, the practice of making somebody feel that they are making up symptoms, that they’re overreacting, or even crazy. This can occur for people with any condition, even life-threatening ones, see

Independent reviews of supplements

Many people need to, or want to, take supplements to counter deficiencies in nutrients, or as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants or other health benefits. However, the sale of supplements is not regulated and in the past many products have had quality issues. These include not having the advertised amount or have too much of the product, or containing contaminants such as mould, insecticides and heavy metals that can be detrimental to health.

In addition to these quality concerns it is difficult to determine which claims have a sound basis, and therefore which products are worth buying, and what safety concerns exist for the product in question.

Many clinicians use this independent, yearly subscription service to provide advice to patients:

Because you pay for their services you know that they will give truthful analyses of the products they review. They also give a summary of the science behind health claims as well as safety concerns that you should be aware of, and a listing of best value for money for various brands.

A new adhesive gel may reduce the formation of scar tissue.

A new type of adhesive gel may reduce the formation of scar tissue after surgery. It adheres to the wound edges and suppresses inflammation caused by surgery, and has shown promise in animal models. The authors of the paper suggest that it may help to treat chronic fibrosis, however, this is yet to be demonstrated. See

What’s wrong with the health of Westerners?

Dr Mike Hansen explains clearly in this 14 minute video