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    Mike Flynn

    Hi Kayley
    Long time, no report (from me)!
    Since my last contact I have had further surgery (by another surgeon – Josh, in August 2021). In that revision Josh proposed to shave my knee cap thus providing me with greater ROM. Apparently a tendon passes over the kneecap from the upper to lower leg, and by shaving the kneecap the distance of travel is reduced, therefore providing the tendon with effectively “greater length”, and therefore greater ROM. I agreed as I was desperate to improve.

    After the operation the anaesthetist described the scar tissue that he had seen Josh remove from under the kneecap, as being like thick seaweed. Josh said it was a “woody material” about 100/140 mm long by 40/50 mm wide by 10mm thick. Josh said he expected it would grow back – and it has.

    Well, the operation worked! I definitely have a greater ROM – but not the full range. I can now walk down stairs (with a bit of a left foot drag), and am much improved walking with only a very slight limp/drag of the left foot.

    I had used the CPM machine for gentle exercise and eventually found I was able to increase it to 90 degrees! A big improvement. The CPM was an important tool in my improvement.

    Subsequently I purchased a “pendulum pedal” for my mountain bike, that allowed me to ride with my mates again. However, I was having trouble keeping up with them up hills, so I purchased an electric mountain bike, and now I don’t have any trouble. To clarify the bike is “pedal assisted”, meaning it does not power the bike without pedalling effort by the rider. It gives me great exercise and I keep up on the hills, now.

    The pedal is an engineering wonder. It allows people with limited ROM to use a standard bike with just the removal/replacement of the pedal.

    I am now resigned to having limited range in my left knee. I function quite well and have just (almost) finished a 6 month project helping renovate my son’s new/old house.

    I see from a forum entry one other AF sufferer was able to purchase a CPM from the supplier where I obtained mine. I hope it worked for her too. I now wish to sell my CPM as my bike riding now provides all the exercise and extension to keep it active and bending. If you know of anyone who would like to try it, please supply them with my contact details.

    Kind regards, and best wishes to all AF sufferers.


    Kayley Usher

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks very much for the update, that’s terrific news!!

    I’ll make a new post on this forum about your CPM for sale, and I’ll pass on your email address if anyone is interested. I’m really glad that it helped.

    Your experience with the “pendulum pedal” is terrific information to have, thanks for passing that on!

    I’m impressed that you’re able to do so much physical activity and help your son.

    All the very best,


Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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