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    Kayley Usher

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for the info! I’ll copy it here for everyone in Australia:
    “Kayley wanted to know where I purchased my CPM. Sue.john.fraser@bigpond.com is the email address for the lady that represented the now closed business. She did indicate there were other CPM’s that may be available. Good luck. Mike”

    I started this new thread because I think it was becoming difficult to find your posts and reply on the “Welcome” thread, it was getting very long.


    Blake Gordon

    I am curious, What is CPM?

    Thanks, Blake Gordon

    Kayley Usher

    Hi Blake,
    It’s a Continuous Passive Motion machine, which will do cyclic bending and straightening of you knee to the degrees that you set. You can gradually increase the degrees of bend and straightening over time as your tissues stretch. This is a good way to increase ROM when it’s performed on a daily basis, but if you’ve had arthrofibrosis long-term you may need to continue doing CPM because you will likely lose ROM when you stop.

    Anyone looking to buy one should look for one that has a hand-held digital controller, and should always stay within the pain-free zone. There will be some discomfit at the limits of ROM but you don’t want to tear tissues.

    There is more info on how to use a CPM under “Key Points”, and a photo of one. Some hospitals in the US sell recon CPMs on Ebay.


    Karen Stevens

    I have just purchased a CPM machine from the above email address and Sue has one left (even though I found out about the CPM a different way.)
    The best thing about this is Sue lives about half an hour from me and I picked it up today.

    Kayley Usher

    Hi Karen,

    That’s terrific news, thanks very much for letting us all know!

    Be sure to take the CPM slowly and carefully, as per the info on CPM under “Key Points”, and never go past discomfit into the pain zone. It will take time and patience.

    We would love to hear how you go.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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