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Mike Flynn

Hi Kayley

Just a further update on my condition and my attempts to improve. The bike riding with the Hase pendulum pedal is great! I am slowly regaining my fitness and I lost the few extra kilos I was carrying. I have also adjusted the pedal position several times in an effort to give me more “drive” with my left (TKR) leg, and, with increasing the seat height, I am now getting much more acceleration and consistency on hills. I have found very minor adjustments of height and pedal setting can make a lot of difference.

I purchased a CPM machine from a Queensland based (medical equipment hire) business that was closing up – apparently due to Covid. It arrived last week and I am using it for a few hours per day. I initially thought it was a “miracle cure” and could walk down a couple of steps like normal knees allow, however, after my initial elation, it is really no better. (That reaction is fairly typical of me.) I will continue with the CPM a couple of hours per day – settings at 0 degrees extension and 71 degrees flexion. I tried to increase the flexion, but that is my limit at this time.

I have a question about Xiaflex injections. These are used to treat “scarring” in patients with Dupuytrens and Peyronies diseases. It apparently breaks up the lesions/scarring. Could injections of Xiaflex work on the scar tissue in an arthro fibrotic effected joint (knee)? I have read that the injections are administered into the offending finger etc, and then 1 – 3 days later, the doctor “manipulates” the digit and it breaks the scarring up, and relieves the effect.

It seems to follow that this could work on a knee. I would be a very willing guinea pig for a trial!!

Kind regards, appreciate any advice