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Mike Flynn

Hi Kayley

Sorry for the delay. I have been a bit busy. I trust you enjoyed your break.

I have now been riding on and off for three weeks. I am not suffering any p[ain, reduction in ROM, or additional swelling in my knee – good result, so far. I am unfit and it is taking me some time to get back to my pre-TKR level. But, no rush, at least I am out riding again with my mates. It is a great feeling of freedom to get on my bike and just ride! I am having trouble with grades/hills, but I believe this to be my fitness level, and I will just continue without straining it.

I looked at the Orthopedal on line but that one would not work for me as it appears to require full rotation above and below the centre axis of the pedal crank. With the Pendulum Pedal, I get full extension at the bottom of the stroke whereas the top of the stroke allows my foot to just reach the centre axis of the pedal, and does not strain my knee beyond its current limit. The pedal has three settings that I believe will allow me to increase my movement as I reset the pedal in time. It has two adjustment points – one on the pedal arm that allows the pendulum pedal to be clamped at any point on the arm – one of three holes where the pedal can be screwed into the arm to suit the user. Adjustment of both pointers should allow me to increase my ROM in time – perhaps??

Changing the subject, I am suffering considerable pain from my lower back. I know I have arthritis in the spine but I believe the pain and reduced ability to bend (my back) without pain, is related to my limp/gait. After exercising my knee I can walk without much of a limp, but it soon tightens up and the knee ROM reduces, and I limp again. This very frustrating.

I have an appointment with another knee surgeon in mid September. After listening to him, I will give consideration to my next move. I am leaning towards allowing one of these surgeons to open the knee up and removing the scar tissue. I know I went overboard after the initial TKR and was not adequately advised or guided on appropriate rehabilitation. I would prefer to be under constant supervision during the rehabilitation process next time. I will be making said arrangements prior to the next operation, but I am not sure if there is a rehab centre, with appropriately skilled staff available in Tasmania.

Appreciate any comments with thanks.