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Mike Flynn

Hi Kayley

I recently visited my Physio and talked to him about the CPM. He was not greatly supportive, saying “they” had abandoned it’s use years ago. He advised me to go back to the exercise bike and just rock the knee backwards and forwards – not exceeding the comfortable limits, as this in effect is a CPM.

I also had a second opinion with another surgeon to get his opinion. He was honest and told me there were no guarantees with a “revision” as I have a tendency to scarring – indicated by Dupuytrens. He said an arthroscopy to debride the scar tissue was not possible as there was no space available, and he would have to completely open it up again to remove the tissue. As you said, surgeons will always “have a go” – but no guarantees. He noted that I advised him my extension had improved, and then considered it could take up to 18 months for the knee to reach it’s best – my words, not his!

I went home and tried the rocking motion on the bike as suggested by the physio, and found it a bit tiring and boring sitting in the lounge on my bike, so probably did not give it a fair go. But, I have been doing it several times a day for 10 – 30 minutes. I have not seen any measurable increase in ROM.

You may recall I mentioned I was a keen bike rider and was missing the rides and mateship of the group I rode with. I have also been putting on weight, whilst sitting around! After a discussion about this site, the surgeons position and the physios advice, over a glass or two of red with friends, one of them suggested a shorter pedal arm. It did not take me long to determine that would not work due to by limited ROM that could not lift above the centre axis of the pedals. However, I felt there was something in this idea, and started investigating bike pedals and pedal arms for disabled persons on the internet. And, then I found it. A Hase Pendulum Pedal Arm. I found one available from a retail store in Canberra, ordered it and received it yesterday. It took only a few minutes to fit up, and I just re turned from my first ride in 12 months on a high!!! I now have a bike I can pedal and a CPM – all in one device.

As the pendulum pedal has three settings, (depending upon limitation), I am able to set it so I do not exceed my current ROM and remain comfortably within my limits without pain!! However, I was out of breath this morning – it will take some time to get back into condition.

I will return to my physio this week to tell him about it, and I would appreciate your view on this initiative. Without your suggestion about the CPM, I might never have achieved another ride.

I also have opinion from another surgeon on the 15th of September, and will let you know how it goes with him.

Appreciate your advice.