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Kayley Usher

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the photo, yes, your knee is swollen, which indicates ongoing inflammation. Even knees with less swelling than yours does can have significant inflammation.
I’m glad that you’re discussing the Celexi. I can provide information but not medical advice, as I’m not a clinician.
I’m also glad that you’ve had the tests for infection and mechanical issues.
There is good evidence to show that mindfulness and meditation reduce inflammation and benefit health and sleep, and I will write about this at some stage. I have read that an independent review found Headspace was the best rated app for meditation, however, I’m not familiar with it. Some people find yoga, Qigong and similar mindfulness practices helpful, although people with AF may find some of the movements are not possible.
Perhaps you would be able to hire a CPM for a while? Some companies hire medical equipment like this, but it can take work to find them.
All the best,