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Karen Stevens

Hello Kayley,
The MUA’s humm it left the surgeons wondering what is wrong with me as they said my knee with no trouble under general anesthetic could bend to 90,and they put me straight onto a CPM machine, which I was doing to 90 before I left hospital, and as soon as I was at home my knee seized.
One of the physiotherapists had me on the CPM machine after MUA at 110 when I awoke from GA and I was on morphine and fentanyl

The next time, another of the physiotherapists gave me a needle of fentanyl and proceeded to push my leg backwards from my sitting position and hold, pushing my leg at 83 degrees for two minutes. ( I cried in pain ) Then they sent me home saying I could bend it to 83.

This time I am not on any pain tablets my GP has me on CELEXI 100mg x 2 a day I also take( 1 Centrum women 50+ and 1 Calcium & Vitamin D3 per day after Bariatric Surgery)

I cannot sleep most nights and the only pain is sometimes a sharp twinge at the right side of my knee for a couple of seconds
My knee feels swollen and numb and stiff only hot/warm (sometimes)and I too want to know why I cannot bend it. Your site this may answer my question.
Kind Regards