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Kayley Usher

Hi Karen,
Yes, it may be helpful for you to see a rheumatologist, ask your GP for a referral to one that doesn’t charge a lot. Your GP can also do quite a lot and could start you on some medications and do some blood tests for levels of nutrients (iron, vit D, potassium, iodine in urine etc), general chemistry, and autoimmune conditions if these haven’t been done recently. She could refer you for a blood test for inflammatory cytokines with NutriPATH, but this test is quite expensive.
It’s likely that your knee inflammation is high. Please remember that every time you are active on your feet you are adding to your inflammation, even if you are just standing, so you probably need to limit time on your feet. Your pain levels will be an indication if you’re doing too much. You are early post surgery so it’s important to be careful and limit your activities (exercise the upper body, not the legs) so that you have the best chance of recovering function, but it will take time and care.
I hope that in time we can create a list of doctors and physios who are helpful for treating arthrofibrosis in different countries. If you find that your doctor helps please tell us about it.
All the best,