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Mike Flynn

Hi Kayley

Well it is early morning here and I have just got out of bed with a very stiff leg with minimal ROM, perhaps 5 degrees. I have just applied an ice pack and it still does not want to move. It took a while yesterday for it to free up, so I guess I will advance later in the morning (fingers crossed).

After exercise, I do not feel pain. However, I am told I have a high pain threshold, and I may be overdoing the exercising without knowing it?

Your comment about the quads is equally concerning as I am deliberately exercising my quads at this time. I was told to keep those muscles in condition as they assist the knee to do it’s job, and therefore I am doing as you suggest and probably causing damage!!! Wow, this is a complete minefield. I am way out of my depth, unable to determine when I go to far, if I am doing enough, if the exercises are appropriate, or if I can carry on with normal activities including gardening, mowing lawns, general handyman duties and working on my car – which was/is my retirement hobby?

Anyway enough of my frustration. I will look closer at the CPMs available, looking for a computer controlled model as you suggest. I will also stop the quad exercise.

To complete my story, in May of this year, I fell from a ladder (2.5 metres high), landed on the left side of my back, and broke 11 ribs on that side – the first bone(s) broken in my life of 68 years! I did not damage my left (TKR) leg in the fall! I still have some minor (I think?) pain on my left lower side when I move sometimes and when I breath deeply. I know this has increased the inflammation in my body, and may have affected my TKR leg.

My leg is still stiff after writing this posting, so I will go sit on the table and see if it will free up.

Again, thank you for your advice and time.