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Mike Flynn

Thank you for your suggestions Kayley. I am interested in your comment on the use of the CPM. I have now found several machines available on ebay. It appears they are all in the US. Are there any specific requirements or specifications I should be looking for in these machines?

My current range of movement is from (about) 10 degrees (not able to get the leg straight) to, say, 40 degrees (before exercise) ranging to a “very tight” 80 degrees after exercise. Unfortunately the 80 degrees quickly reduces to 40 degrees soon after the exercising finishes.

The form of exercise I am completing includes stretching the leg suspended over a gap from hip to heal in an effort to straighten the leg under it’s own weight, and then sitting on a table letting the knee bend from 40 degrees to 80 as it drops under it’s own weight. I carry out this process repeatedly over a 10 – 15 minute period, two times per day. This is the exercise suggested by my physio. I also use ice packs when the knee feels particularly tight – some days after sleeping awkwardly (apparently) causing pain and further reduced ROM first thing in the morning,

Would you suggest this exercise regime is sufficient? I am fearful of overdoing it (again)! Or, can you offer other suggestions?

Your advice is greatly appreciated. Mike