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Mike Flynn

Hi Kayley I have been remiss in not putting my full story up. Here we go

July 2020 Left TKR – as a result of arthritis degradation – however, as a comfortably retired 68 year olds I was still enjoying mountain bike riding (without pain) before the surgery. I was having difficulty walking more than 1 – 200 metres without limping. Immediately following the TKR the knee felt great and I threw the crutches away within a few days of leaving hospital. I completed all the recommended physio at home, and perhaps may have done a bit extra! However, the ROM began to reduce to less than 90 degrees. It also would not straighten completely.

August 2021 – surgeon suggested MUA, and I agreed. Whilst lying on the operating table, he told me of the need to “push through”! I believe I had already overdone the exercises, anyway. I visited a physio several times, but did not see any improvement. In fact ROM continued to reduce.

September/October 2020 – surgeon suggested another MUA and whilst hospitalised for two days, a CPM machine was strapped to my leg. After the operation whilst strapped in the CPM, my surgeon advised me to “get an exercise bike”, which I did. I was able to pedal it a couple of times but my knee ROM reduced, and it became impossible to ride. I made an appointment with another physio recommended by a friend who had two successful knee replacements. He explained a bit about the scar tissue, and the need to break it up over time. I attended sessions weekly for several months, and whilst it felt better when I left t h e appointments, it quickly deteriorated, to the pre-existing ROM – about 80/90 degrees. I was carrying out the recommended knee exercises daily between appointments.

During this period I spent long periods (days/weeks) of doing very little activity – sitting watching TV/YouTube etc, and the once daily exercises. I also spent periods (days/weeks) doing exercises in pool therapy and trying to get back to “normal activity”, but failed abysmally. Neither strategy seems to have assisted my recovery.

I have now made an appointment to see my friend’s (successful) surgeon for an opinion. That will not occur until September 2021. I have also requested assistance from my surgeon and he has referred me to a “brother” surgeon, who I is older, and more experienced. However, that was four weeks ago, and whilst I have called his office – no response yet.

Historically, I am a fast healer. I also suffer from Dupuytrens contracture – a scarring disease in the hands. I guess I may have a genetic predisposition to heavy scarring?

I believe I overdid my immediate recovery phase, throwing the crutches away and getting back to normal within days of leaving hospital, which may have extended the scarring process – exercising whilst still in the inflammatory stage. I then believe the MUA repeated this process as my knee may have still been in the inflammatory stage. And then, another MUA and the CPM machine for about 24 hours and riding the exercise bike further extended the scarring.

So, that is 3 – 4 excessively extended scarring opportunities for my knee. If only I knew then what I have learnt since that last MUA/CPM.

That will do me for now. Note, I am not necessarily going to let another surgeon cut into my knee, but my surgeon has suggested his colleague may be amenable to “redoing the knee replacement” and removing all the heavy scar tissue. I guess I can understand his theory, but what will stop it all growing back? Any suggestions gratefully accepted.