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Kayley Usher

Hi Karen,
I suggest that you ask your GP for a referral to a rheumatologist. You will most likely need to tell him/her what arthrofibrosis is, and perhaps this website will help with that. They should be able to do some tests and prescribe anti-inflammatory medications for you, there are some suggested in “Key Points”.

An IAA member has also recently told me about a suggestion from their rheumatologist regarding low dose naltrexone. I have put a summary about this under “New Research”.

In the meantime the most important things to remember are to try to keep inflammation as low as possible, which means not doing activities that upset it. I know that this can be very limiting. Keep icing and elevating, that really helps in the early stages after surgery. Movement is important though, which is where CPM helps. It may be possible to sit on something high so that your leg dangles and swing your foot back and forth gently. The danger is that you push too hard and upset it, this is easily done.

As suggested in Key Points, fish oil tablets and low dose aspirin also help to reduce inflammation, but check with your doctor before taking new things, there may be interactions with existing medications or conditions.

All the best,