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Maria Raynolds

My name is Maria and I live in Canada. I had a total knee replacement in February 2020 and experienced a lot of pain and little improvement of my flexing and stretching soon after. On the recommendation of my OS I went through 7 months of painful physiotherapy with people who did not know about AF. Each time I exercised, my knee would swell up again and heat up again. In all that time my flexing never improved from the 3 months level of 112 degrees and stretching a minus 14%. Upon scouring the internet I found Dr. Usher’s research paper and also did some research in German and found Dr. Philip Traut’s, (a German orthopedic surgeon) new research model. He described exactly how my knee felt: like a painful vice-grip around my knee (Schraubstock Knie). It is interesting, that half way around the world two scientists have independently come up with very similar research: healing AF is not a mechanical problem, but a bio-chemical, a neurological and even a psycho-somatic problem. On their advice I stopped all painful exercises and only used my stationary bike and Qigong exercises. Still my pain did not go away but was more manageable. I recently visited a Podiatrist who recommended a heel lift since my right knee is not properly stretching and I was beginning to get pain into my hips and pelvis from walking crookedly. He manipulated some pressure points in my knee and diagnosed that I had some nerve damage, mostly of the peroneal nerve, either from the operation or from the AF pressure. He prescribe Lyrica for me, a nerve calm ing medication. It has really helped me. I am looking forward to updates on further research into Arthrofibrosis and general Fibrosis research. This will be a very helpful site!