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Hi audrey

140 grade is very good but still not as well as pre- surgery. You should be aware of that the scars will get formed after 3 or 4 months. After that only another surgery can help. But each surgery can also make it worst.
I wish you could get anakinra injectons before the surgery so that your body couldn’t react with a high inflammation respond. An AF-experienced OS would start with proper medication even before the surgery.
Be carefull that loading is the worst thing you can do after the surgery. The best thing is moving und moving with your CPM or stationary bike with minimal or no resistence.
Im 2 years post-OP and had 3 surgeries without proper treatment after each. I live in switzerland and most of OS have no clue about it. They even can not recognise in MRI-pics. Only when they open the knee they realize it. They burn the scars imidiately and the outcomes are poor or even catastrophic like mine. I have 130 flexion but being in the pain became part of life. Im only 37 and have been simce 2016 struggeling. It makes me sometimes so sad, because I was before an athlethe but now I live like a grandpa:-)
In the world there are about 3-4 OS who know how to handle it…Im looking for one.
Best regards