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Audrey Wilkes

Hi Masoud, I am actually not sure about if I will get proper treatment. My GP has ordered blood tests, which I plan to get done this week, I have made an appointment with a rheumatologist and sent them Dr. Usher’s great research paper on arthrofibrosis, since most are not familiar. It depends on the blood test results and what the rheumatologist is willing to do. My previous OS also did not know how to handle arthrofibrosis. My current OS says she knows more, but still is not super informed. I do believe that the anakinra injections post-op did help prevent some scar tissue growth.

Before the surgery, my ROM ranged from 0 to +3, and flexion around 140, now extension is -3 to 0 and flexion is around 130 to 143, but it really depends on my stiffness. It takes me a long time to get to 143 flexion. Unfortunately, as is common with arthrofibrosis, my knee has gotten more stiff after a few months post-op.

What is your situation like?