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Our aim is to :

  • Connect “best practice” evidence-based treatments and recent research with physicians, care providers and patients.
  • Create a movement and a community where we can support and learn from the experiences and insights of each of us.
  • Advocate for arthrofibrosis research and education.
  • Provide scientifically referenced and up to date information about arthrofibrosis to promote better outcomes.

Many of you reading this website are hurting badly, both physically and emotionally, or you are close to somebody that is. Some of you have been in this situation for a long time. There is scant help available for people with arthrofibrosis. It is hard to find and the advice that is given is often not based on best evidence. Sometimes advice comes from outdated ideas of pushing through pain, and “no pain, no gain”. This website aims to bring scientific rigor into the approach of treating arthrofibrosis in the hope of preventing long term disability.

Become a member, share your story and join the arthrofibrosis movement. We can help each other and take a stand against arthrofibrosis by shining a light on this devastating and invisible condition by raising awareness about it in our community.

We aim to give a short, easily read overview of each topic, followed by an “In Depth” section for those who wish to know more, and for medical professionals. If you’re a medical professional and would like more references please contact us.